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May 2016

NEP Bow Tie prepares for the London Mayoral Elections

Thursday May 5th 2016 - the day City Hall host the Mayoral and Assembly Elections - these elections decide who will be the London Mayor and who will be our London Assembly Members for the next four years - .  For the third time NEP Bow Tie will be key to the broadcasting and Audio Visual requirements of City Hall during the Election period.


Whilst the Election is on the Thursday 5th May, the actual count for these elections is taken on Friday 6th May.  The ballot papers are e-counted by an incredibly complex and secure computer system designed to deal with a count that is a mixture of proportional representation, first past the post and second choice preference processes.  The results are expected Friday evening and the NEP Bow Tie team will be on hand to ensure everything is in place so they can be broadcast to the waiting public as soon as possible.

The election announcements for both Assembly Members and the Mayor will be delivered by the broadcast and webcast systems in City Hall and directed and operated by the NEP Bow Tie in-house broadcasting team. In addition NEP Bow Tie will help to facilitate broadcasters such as BBC, Sky, ITV, and ITN who will be broadcasting live to air from City Hall. There is a mixture of analogue, digital and fibre optic technologies present in the building which leads to some unusual and interesting challenges for our technical team, as each broadcaster has a different take on how they wish to transmit their signals. We have staff with the relevant skillsets on hand, to deal with a wide range of requests.  Sky and BBC usually produce live programs for their news channels for several hours - anchoring their news coverage for the day from City Hall. Whereas other broadcasters simply want to dip in and out of the coverage.  

Last time the election took place in 2012 and the final count was not ready for many hours - indeed NEP Bow Tie were still offering pool feed coverage and broadcaster support at half past midnight on that occasion as there had been issues with the e-count and power failure at count centres.  After a long day the team had to then repurpose the studio known as  London's Living Room' in readiness for a Mayoral press conference first thing on the Saturday morning.  

For the 2016 election there will be a new Mayor at City Hall so there will definitely be an appetite for a Mayoral pool fed press conference on the Saturday with many broadcasters requiring  feeds out of the building again. NEP Bow Tie have developed staffing and technical plans for both the count and the ensuing days, in close collaboration with the key stakeholders at City Hall - the Assembly Press team, Facilities Management, Sky, ITV, BBC.

In addition to the broadcast systems our small team at City Hall also ensure all AV systems, RF feeds, screens, PA systems and communication systems to the three count centers - are all operational and optimal on the three day election jamboree. Our systems are critical for the smooth running of the election.

NEP Bow Tie have been involved in many high level meetings at City Hall in the past, however the elections are special and we are particularly excited to meet this challenge once every four years.

The results will be webcast live on Friday 6th May 2016, followed by the Mayoral Press Conference expected on Saturday 7th May :-

Up to the minute count information and info on the count systems can be seen here: -

City Hall - nexus of all things London….

GLA Election



September 2015

NEP Bow Tie remains at the heart of televising the UK Parliament

UK Parliament

NEP Bow Tie is delighted to have been awarded the prestigious contract for the delivery of Vision, Sound and AV Operations and Maintenance for the UK Parliament.

The Contract brings together activities that were previously covered by two separate operations and maintenance contracts dealing respectively with sound/AV and vision services.  The introduction of this combined Contract represents a significant change for Parliament. The new arrangement is designed to reflect changing technology, whereby audio and vision activities and equipment are increasingly integrated.

House of Commons Control Room

House of Commons Control Room

The contract covers the following areas:

  • Video coverage of proceedings for broadcasting and webcasting
  • Provision of sound services for Members of both Houses during proceedings, and audio feeds for Hansard transcription and broadcasting/webcasting purposes
  • Audio-visual support services for presentations and conferencing
  • Maintenance and technical support of all associated equipment

Additionally the contract includes coverage and support for ad-hoc and special events, including some outside the Parliamentary Estate, such as travelling Committees.

September 2015

NEP Bow Tie renews Broadcast Services contract with the National Assembly for Wales

NAfW exterior

NEP Bow Tie is delighted to have been awarded the prestigious Broadcasting Services contract for the National Assembly for Wales.

The Assembly is committed to making its proceedings open and transparent to the people of Wales and beyond. Coverage of proceedings on television, radio and the internet are recognised as key facilitators of public access to Assembly business, particularly for those physically remote from the Assembly's proceedings which mainly take place in Cardiff Bay.


This encompasses the first-class broadcasting service of the Senedd and Committees which includes the production of broadcast quality sound and vision feeds of all Assembly proceedings for televising by external broadcasters within and outside of Wales, and for internal distribution via the Client's in-house television systems.

NAfW Control Room

The contract covers the following areas: 

  • To provide a web streaming service allows the general public to view live and archive content of Assembly proceedings, publicity and press-release videos
  • To manage the digital archive of broadcast quality footage, and maintain the Client's previous tape archive
  • To maintain the Client's broadcasting and associated audio-visual equipment across the Assembly estate (Senedd, Pierhead and Siambr Hywel)
  • To repair or replace the Client's broadcasting and associated audio-visual equipment across the Assembly estate (Senedd, Pierhead and Siambr Hywel) in the event of failure
  • To evaluate and, where necessary, update and upgrade the Client's broadcasting infrastructure, including design, procurement and replacement of the Client's systems and equipment
  • To provide a strategic consultancy service to the Client on broadcasting and audio-visual matters
  • To provide footage on request by internal and external organisations in a variety of formats, and to manage the associated processes
  • Registered in England & Wales, No. 02405231|
  • Registered Address: Gemini House, Downmill Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1QS